Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 05 Dec 2020 01:19:55 +0530 en-us Fresh Tomato Sat, 30 May 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Tomato is known to be the healthiest vegetable. It can be eaten raw as well as cooked. With its tangy taste, it makes many of the dishes tastier across the globe. The Intimate is the leading Fresh Tomato Supplier in Odisha that grow this delicious and nutritious fruit in bulk. We capably make it available as freshly ripened to form the basis of a variety of dishes across many cultures. Nutritional benefits: They are high in Vitamins A, B and C, potassium, iron, phosphorus and naturally low in calories. They are an excellent source of lycopene, bright red carotenoid pigment and phytochemical responsible for giving tomatoes their bright red colour. Lycopene is thought to be one of the most potent antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that can interfere with normal cell growth and activities. Free radicals can be a reason for cancer, premature ageing and even heart disease. It is even being studied for the prevention of certain types of cancers, especially prostate cancer. Fresh Tomato helps in digestion, improves vision, lowers hypertension and prevents cells from oxidative damage. Usages of Fresh Tomato Some of its highest concentrations of Fresh tomatoes are in tomato juice, tomato soup, tomato sauce and ketchup as well. We being a trustworthy fresh tomato supplier in Rourkela help our customers get the high-quality tomatoes in bulk. How do we provide high-quality fresh tomatoes? We are the most approached fresh tomato wholesale suppliers in Odisha due to strategic approaches to procure them. We procure fresh tomatoes directly from the farmers and supply them directly at the most reasonable price. We ensure that the delivery schedule is properly maintained to meet the exact requirements of the customers. Why choose us? As the prominent fresh tomato wholesale supplier in Rourkela, we assure a high-quality range packaged securely. Capably meet the bulk quantity High Quality packaging Timely delivery across the nation Reasonable pricing Fresh Red Onion Sat, 30 May 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Onions are available in a wide range. However, red onion is considered as the best. When you can get fresh red onion, why go to the market. These flavourful bulbs are highly nutritious. The Intimate is a prominent name being Fresh Red Onion Supplier in India. We are renowned for supply fresh quality of red onion direct from the farmers to the customers. Nutritional benefits: Fresh Red Onions are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. This is particularly high in vitamin C, a nutrient convoluted in managing immune health, collagen creation, and tissue repair as well as iron absorption. Red Onions are also rich in B vitamins, folate (B9) and pyridoxine (B6). These play important roles in metabolism, red blood cell production and nerve function. It is a good source of potassium as well. Onions contain antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, decline triglycerides and reduce cholesterol levels, lower heart disease risk. We, as a trusted Fresh Red Onion Supplier in Rourkela, maintain all nutritional contents and supply them intact. Uses of Fresh Red Onion Onion acts an important ingredient in almost all Indian recipes. People prefer eating onion in salads as well. Onions can easily be added to savoury dishes, including eggs, guacamole, meat dishes, soups and baked goods. We are offering fresh red onion in bulk being the prominent Fresh Red Onion Supplier in Rourkela. How do we provide high-quality fresh onions? We are the most approached fresh red onion wholesale suppliers in Odisha due to our strategic approaches to procure them. We procure fresh red onions directly from the farmers and supply them directly at the most reasonable price. Our quality team picks only the supreme red onions to ensure high quality. Our inventory is maintained to meet the exact requirements of the customers. Why choose us? As the prominent fresh red onions wholesale supplier in Rourkela, we assure a high-quality range packaged securely. Competent to meet the bulk quantity Food grade packaging Timely delivery Industry-leading price Fresh Potato Sat, 30 May 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Potatoes are the most eaten vegetable in India. People prefer eating fresh potatoes due to its good taste and smooth blending quality in any recipe. Now get freshly grown potatoes at pocket-friendly rates. The Intimate is the eminent Fresh Potato Wholesale Supplier in Rourkela to provide the quality range of potatoes direct to the customer. Our variety of fresh potato easily absorbs butter, dressings and sauces. They are good for frying, baking and mashing. Nutritional benefits: Some of the nutrients in fresh potatoes are potassium, magnesium complex carbohydrates, fibre, protein, calcium, niacin, zinc, carotenoids, phosphorus and vitamin C and the vitamin B Complex. The remaining portion of the potato contains about 90 % simple carbohydrates. Healthy fresh potato skin recipes are a good choice for a six-pack abs diet. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates considered as our body’s preferred energy source of energy. As the trusted Fresh Potato Wholesale Supplier in Odisha, we take high care of the quality. Our products are free from any type of contamination and impurities due to which they are highly appreciated by the clients. Usages: Fresh potatoes are used in a staggering range of recipes like mashed potatoes, potato dumplings, twice-baked potatoes, potato pancakes, potato soup, potato salad and much more. How do we supply reliable quality? We are among the leading Fresh Potato Wholesale Supplier in India. The reason is the quality we maintain. For this, we approach farmers and procure freshly grown potatoes only. We have a team to assess the quality of our products. Also, we guarantee delivery of fresh potatoes as per schedule. With our wide distribution network, The Intimate is capable of catering to buyers in Odisha (India) or anywhere. We offer hygienic and defect-free Fresh Potato in various packaging like 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg etc. Why Choose Us? As fresh potato supplier in we are the most favoured for our following traits: Wholesaler and retailer Wide distribution network Timely delivery Competitive price Indian Spices Sat, 30 May 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Indian spices play a vital role in every Indian recipe. Even chefs all across the globe prefer buying spices like turmeric, coriander, black pepper and more to enhance the flavour of international dishes. Even some sweet dishes whipped up at Indian kitchens also use spices to make those more flavoursome and yummy. To supply a wide range of genuine and unadulterated spices, The Intimate comes up with an extensive range. We are the leading Indian spices wholesale supplier, in Odisha, India. Features: Good For Health, Good Quality, Hygienic, Long Shelf Life, No Artificial Color Added, Non Harmful, Rich In Taste Whole or Powdered? Usually, most of the Indian housewives use powdered spices bought from the market. However, some prefer buying the whole spices and grind them at their kitchens. But as per some leading chefs, using a whole solid form of spices add extra flavour to the dish. Hence, we supply the Indian spices as whole or solid form. These are fresh in taste and are a better alternative to powdered spices available. The range we supply as notable Indian Spices Supplier in Rourkela, Red chilli Cumin Coriander Black pepper How do we supply the best quality of Indian Spices? We put extra efforts to deliver high-quality spices to our customers. We procure high quality and sorted spices direct from the agriculturalists. Then we start making them pure and fully moisture-free. We use advanced machinery to accomplish the drying process at our manufacturing unit. Then comes the packaging solutions which makes anything intact its qualities. For delivery safe and secure delivery of the products during handling, transporting and warehousing, we make use of quality packaging material. And, our excellent professionals accomplish this task ensuring the quality of each packet. Why Choose Us? Some of our salient features mark us as the most reliable Indian Spices Wholesale Supplier in India. Customised packaging - Paper Box, Plastic Box, Plastic Packet, Plastic Pouch Bulk and retail supply - 100gm, 1kg, 200gm, 250gm, 500gm Timely stipulated delivery Market-leading price with best quality spices